Three for Three, Jack Dupre Free!

In celebration of the release of Dirty Magick: New Orleans this month, you’ll get to listen to Jack’s first adventure absolutely free each Friday between now and Balticon. Three brand, new episodes!

Today’s episode, “The Conclusion.” Jack meets the big bad and gets a beating for his trouble. A call into his past puts things right, and he aims to get the heirloom, the murderer, and the girl. Well…mostly.

I couldn’t have done this with the help of some great actors:

  • Blythe Haynes as Kathleen O’Connell
  • Laura Nicole as Matilda Night. You can find her on Twitter, at her website, and her Gypsy In The Attic podcast.
  • Judith Engel as GrandMama

This podcast features music from the Free Music Archive:

The Winds is the first podcast from Wireless Adventures.

You can following Jack’s continuing adventures in Glass Darkly, part of the Dirty Magick:New Orleans anthology, available now in ebook and paperback. At the crossroads of urban fantasy and noir – mean streets – Dirty Magick!

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