Two of Three, Jack Dupre Free!

In celebration of the release of Dirty Magick: New Orleans this month, you’ll get to listen to Jack’s first adventure absolutely free each Friday between now and Balticon. Three brand, new episodes!

Today’s episode, “The Dame.” A dark eyed vixen, a mysterious international business man, and red-capped thugs complicate Jack’s life.

I couldn’t have done this with the help of some great actors:

  • Blythe Haynes as Kathleen O’Connell
  • Laura Nicole as Matilda Night. You can find her on Twitter, at her website, and her Gypsy In The Attic podcast.
  • Judith Engel as GrandMama

This podcast features music from the Free Music Archive:

The Winds is the first podcast from Wireless Adventures.

You can following Jack’s continuing adventures in Glass Darkly, part of the Dirty Magick:New Orleans anthology, available now in ebook and paperback. At the crossroads of urban fantasy and noir – mean streets – Dirty Magick!

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